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Jon Reinfurt’s Portfolio

17 Mar


  • This group of images is a collection of select editorial illustrations that where created and published during 2011 and 2012. Enjoy!

  • TEST OF STRENGTH  |  Common Ground  |  2011  |  Digital
  • SEARCH AND RESCUE | CIO Magazine | 2011 | Digital
  • NEW FRIENDS | Dream Magazine | 2011 | Digital
  • THE MAGIC OF MAGIC | Las Vegas Weekly | 2011 | Digital
  • HELP COSTS | Common Ground | 2011 | Digital
  • STARS AND STRIPES | Babson Magazine | 2011 | Digital
  • CROWD PLEASER | Convene Magazine | 2011 | Digital
  • BUSTING OUT | American Lawyer Magazine | 2011 | Digital
  • FREE SPEECH |ABA Journal  | 2011 | Digital
  • REDEFINING THE WORLD | Teaching Tolerance | 2011 | Digital

PEZ Artwork’s Portfolio

17 Mar

Sketchbook 2013

  • HNY 2K13
  • Home burger  (scottish steack with graffiti sauce)
  • The Fallen King
  • Natural Style
  • Natural Born Killaz
  • Missing
  • Drive by
  • w̶ART
  • Ice cream boy
  • Like a panda
  • Wax
  • Gin & Juice

The Endless Faces Project /// PART 1

  • The “EFP” is a series of portraits realised with graphite pencils on 300 gr/m2 paper.  All the drawings are 19X25″ size. Each portrait needs approximately 30/40 working hours.Here the first part, with five portraits
  • Célia
  • Annah
  • Edena
  • Eve
  • Erykah
  • __________________________________________________________________

Am I Collective’s Portfolio

27 Jan

Mini Rocher

  • Mini Rocher
    The Shop France
  • Series of posters done in Russian constructivist style for the launch of the new chocolate bricks from Rocher.

Am I Coloring Book

  • Am I Coloring Book
  • A children’s coloring book project, where artists and illustrators can submit their drawings within the three categories ( Am i a hero, adventurer or an animal ) The books will be available for free download on-line.
    Am I will be approaching sponsors in the near future for the printing of the books, that will be distributed within disadvantaged communities.


John Holcroft’s Portfolio

27 Jan

Editorial collection

  • Energy Price time bomb
  • for Big Issue about youth speak
  • plastic supermarket packaging going to landfill
  • For FT. About China investing in third world countries
  • Tiredness at school can cause lack of concentration.
  • Favourite foods
  • Cost of home maintenance
  • About managers failing to see the potential in their staff.
  • About coming out of depression
  • Bankers
  • For TES about the method of ‘SHANARRI’. An acronym meaning the education development of a child looking at different aspects.
  • For a US consumer magazine about squeezing the budgets
  • Brains take a while to get going in the mornings!
  • Im not calling you a skin-flint but..
  • For the Guardian about the body and the mind being separate entities
  • About having an obsessive stalker

Trade Union Congress work

  • For TUC about well being in the work place
  • For TUC about pensions

    Self promotional book covers

Justin Poulter’s Portfolio

27 Jan


  • All work created by myself while employed at ilovedust.com for Carhartt.

Runner’s World Magazine

  • All work created by myself while employed at ilovedust.com for a Runner’s World magazine cover.


  • All work created by myself while employed at ilovedust.com for various magazines.


  • All work created by myself while employed at ilovedust.com for Vans.

Juke Royal Album Artwork.

  • A 12′ record sleeve I illustrated and designed for Cape Town based band Juke Royal.

Michael Anderson’s Portfolio

27 Jan



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Mutant Monday 2 – Foul Ball




27 Jan