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PEZ Artwork’s Portfolio

17 Mar

Sketchbook 2013

  • HNY 2K13
  • Home burger  (scottish steack with graffiti sauce)
  • The Fallen King
  • Natural Style
  • Natural Born Killaz
  • Missing
  • Drive by
  • w̶ART
  • Ice cream boy
  • Like a panda
  • Wax
  • Gin & Juice

The Endless Faces Project /// PART 1

  • The “EFP” is a series of portraits realised with graphite pencils on 300 gr/m2 paper.  All the drawings are 19X25″ size. Each portrait needs approximately 30/40 working hours.Here the first part, with five portraits
  • Célia
  • Annah
  • Edena
  • Eve
  • Erykah
  • __________________________________________________________________

Riccardo Guasco’s Portfolio

18 Jan

di Grignolino in Grignolino 2013


some of my pencils

hristmas 2012

“Storia di due”

  • #1
  • #2
  • #3


the last love of Möbius

  • The last love of Möbius

Liza Corbett’s Portfolio

18 Jan

In the Pink

  • Freyja / 175.00
    Freyja, colored pencil on mylar
  • Rosa Canina II, colored pencil on mylar
  • The Sister, colored pencil on paper drawing
  • Sugar, colored pencil and ink on paper
  • Regent / 55.00
    Regent, colored pencil on paper
  • Belle / 70.00
    Belle, ink and watercolor on paper
  • Jane / 55
    Jane, ink and colored pencil on paper


Rosa Canina

  •  The Deadlock Sisters, ink on paper
  • Rosa Canina II / 175.00
  • Rosa Canina II, ink and watercolor on paper
  • Belle / 70.00
  • Belle, ink and watercolor on paper
  • Jane / 55.00
  •  Jane, ink and colored pencil on paper

Sweetheart Come

  • Sweetheart Come
    Some type of sub-title
  • Sweetheart Come
  • Luna
  • Persephone
  • Snow Queen

  • Maenad
  • Rapunzel
  • Dolly
  • The Excursionists II
  • The Medium II

Steve Simpson’s Portfolio

7 Jan


  • Dragún
    32 page children’s picture book about a boy (a bear plays the boy) hunting a fearsome dragon (the fearsome dragon plays himself).
    Written by Patricia Forde – Publisher: Futa Fata
  • Cover with hand drawn title type
  • Initial roughs

    My first idea was to have the main character as a chick. (The bear worked much better. However, I really liked the chick so managed to use him as the prince character that appears in the middle of the book)
  • I would be a cowboy when I grow up but I prefer dragons to cows.
  • Sometimes I have scary nightmares about a robot with flowers coming out of his head
  • Last page with lots of references to the characters and backgrounds on the previous pages.


Antonina Aleksandrova’s Portfolio

29 Dec

Card for babychstudio.com ” The End of the World”


Postcard “Happy Birthday!” for babychstudio.com

Greeting Card ” It’s not me!” for babychstudio.com


Advertising campaign for Ukrainian Airlines

Project for babychstudio.com

Card for Babychstudio.com

  • Postcard “Dogs!”
    Some type of sub-title

Yan Nascimbene’s Portfolio

18 Dec



  • Travel




    Rather than feeling limited by a client’s idea, I find that the challenge of expressing precisely his/her idea in my own aesthetical terms forces me to think harder, to search deeper and ultimately to create a much stronger and interesting image than if I had been given total freedom of style, format and subject-matter. I try to illustrate a literary piece between the lines, and I feel that an illustration must reflect at once the client’s idea and my identity.  First and foremost comes the need of the client, then my understanding of such a need and the elaboration of a concept.  This is the most taxing and important phase of the work, often the one that will require most time.  A thorough sketch (or sketches) will allow me to explain the concept to the client and structure the image (composition, balance, etc.) until his/her unequivocal satisfaction.  The final painting, although still an emotional and creative task, will rely at least as much on technique and my ability to translate our early discourse and sketches into a factual image, as it does on pure imagination.  In my case, it is usually a quicker stage, as all but a few challenges have already been resolved.

Brenna Lindblad’s Portfolio

18 Dec

City Characters



Flora and Fauna

Monster Mash