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Warner McGee’s Portfolio

17 Mar

Jippi Cool Kid Characters

  • This is a collaborative project with my good friend and rockstar Tim Cooper. I did the character design, modeling, rigging and posing. Tim did the Texturing/shading and rendering.



Michael Anderson’s Portfolio

27 Jan



Help us Grow!

Mutant Monday 2 – Foul Ball



Jorge PepeLife’s Portfolio

27 Jan


  • Blues Illustrations 




Jenya Kobuziatski’s Portfolio

23 Jan

Chocolate World

Characters & Illustration

TV Branding

William Dalebout’s Portfolio

23 Jan

Secret Weapon

  • The Secret Weapon

    A weapon to bring the world to it’s knees.
    App Annie campaign promoting Analytics for Android.


  • 今日 人類は初めて
  • 木星についたよ
  • ピテカントロプスになる日も
  • 近づいたんだよ

Big Data

Kure for the Kommon Killbot

Hot Lunch

  • 100% Vector

Andi Meier’s Portfolio

23 Jan


Body Upgrade


Davide Franceschini’s Portfolio

18 Jan

Butterfly Gun

  • To make these images in 3D, I was inspired by a drawing by Sam Flores (Butterfly Gun).
    Sam Flores is an American visual artist, illustrator, and muralist, creating Primarily urban and graffiti inspired modern art.
  • This is the original design by Sam Flores: