John Holcroft’s Portfolio

27 Jan

Editorial collection

  • Energy Price time bomb
  • for Big Issue about youth speak
  • plastic supermarket packaging going to landfill
  • For FT. About China investing in third world countries
  • Tiredness at school can cause lack of concentration.
  • Favourite foods
  • Cost of home maintenance
  • About managers failing to see the potential in their staff.
  • About coming out of depression
  • Bankers
  • For TES about the method of ‘SHANARRI’. An acronym meaning the education development of a child looking at different aspects.
  • For a US consumer magazine about squeezing the budgets
  • Brains take a while to get going in the mornings!
  • Im not calling you a skin-flint but..
  • For the Guardian about the body and the mind being separate entities
  • About having an obsessive stalker

Trade Union Congress work

  • For TUC about well being in the work place
  • For TUC about pensions

    Self promotional book covers


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