The Makerie Studio’s Portfolio

18 Jan

British Airways Product Shoot

  • Paper dress, decorative and geometric shapes created for British Airways.


Lavazza Coffee Campaign

  • Three iridescent paper sets designed and built for Lavazza’s ‘A Modo Mio’ campaign, each scene representing a different coffee taste.

    Photographer | Massimo Bellotto
    Agency | Armando Testa Tornio



Bonhams Autumn Season

  • Origami-style paper birds created for Bonhams’ Autumn Season campaign.


PLASH Dubai 2013 Calendar

  • Splash 2013 Calendar: Room 2013
  • Oversized faceted paper heart, created for Lucia Giacani’s shot of Room 2013 and commissioned by fashion label Splash Dubai. We also created a brain, lungs and eye as part of the shoot, all in textured and reflective papers.

Vogue Accessory for Micam 2012

  • For this year’s Micam Shoevent in Milan, we collaborated with Vogue Accessory to create an ethereal atmosphere to stage the awards ceremony. We made 25 iridescent harpy centrepieces, an enchanted forest and a life-sized white peacock to complement the gorgeous setting of the event.


ogue Accessory September 2012

  • Giant silver cogs constructed for Lucia Giacani’s ‘Unique’ shot, featured in Vogue Accessory’s September issue.

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