Heleen Steyn’s Portfolio

18 Jan

My Lorax

  • My Lorax
  • I just love Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and always wanted to do my own version of him. So here he is in a different setting with a different mood, and some extra features… who knows maybe it is his cousin?

Bird concept design

  • Bird concept design
    personal project

Butterfly lunch!

  • Butterfly lunch!

Endangered Beauty

  • Endangered Beauty
  • I love it when art can be used to make a difference!
    This artwork was made for an up and coming 2013 art exhibition called AARP (Art Against Rhino Poaching). The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness and funds to stop the terrible poaching of rhinos in my country.
    For this piece I decided to approach the subject a little differently and make it a type of fantasy/conceptual art work.
    These are beautiful creatures and we should do everything we can to protect them.


The travelers

  • The travelers
  • This image was first created in black and white in photoshop and only turned into colour at the very end. A very useful painting method I learned from Bobby Chiu after taking part in his amazing digital painting course on Schoolism.

    I would highly recommend his course to anyone wanting to improve their digital painting skills. 🙂


The Lelographer

  • The Lelographer
  • A character design I did based on, and inspired by a photographer and dear friend of mine.

    She’s truly one interesting character in real life, with one of the most inspiring personality I’ve ever come across. So I just had to try and recreate her in a character design!


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