Hatefuel’s Portfolio

23 Dec


  • UrbanQurban.
  • UrbanQurban® is a collaborative work of D!Yours HCD, Badr Interactive, and TWIP℠ Studio.
    The main idea is to connect traditional farmers, urban society, and the social entrepreneur community through the technology. As a multiplatform mobile pet game, UrbanQurban® encourages user to do real Qurban via this application and makes it as simple as a click. Development includes character designing, in-game interface, sprites, ending animation, and promotional illustration.

Folklore Storybook: Si Pitung

  • =
    A vector illustrated folklore storybook about Si Pitung—a heroic Indonesian character from Betawi.
    Solihun (Si Pitung) described as a humble person, a good Muslim, and upholder of justice. During the occupation of
    East Dutch Indies in late 19th century, he was the most wanted person. He acted like Robin Hood, stealing from the corrupt riches and give it to the poor.
    In this project, we try to explore his childhood—amplify his story and his childhood friends, and would like to introduce this friendly figure of Si Pitung to young readers. Presented on both printed and digital media.

    Hatefuel / 2012

  • [ Pattern ]
    Inspired from classic checkered pattern of Sarung—a common piece of fabric, often wrapped around the waist, worn by men and women in Indonesia during religious, formal or casual occasion.

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