Justin Maller’s Portfolio

13 Nov


  • Was tasked by TBWA with creating lead visuals for the 2011 Grammy’s. Also curated the rest of the campaign, inviting my brothers in arms Emeric Trahand, Niklas Lundberg and Jeff Huang to collaborate on the imagery.

    Images presented here are the two I personally produced; Adele and Bon Iver.

Reso – Tangaram

  • Created the artwork for Reso’s awesome new album “Tangaram”. Fun to work in the oldschool style again.Wallpaper available for download here!



    Work for The Depthcore Collective‘s 44th Chapter “ECHOES
  • I always feel that the newest Depthcore chapter is the best one we’ve ever done. This time I think I might be right! We had eight months to put it together, and ended up with 106 pieces. Not bad! Please browse the Chapter, there’s far better work in it than I  have to present to you here.

    I personally managed to make seven pieces for “Echoes”. I took a pretty literal interpretation of the Chapter by listening to songs on repeat and creating whatever came to mind. I started off by spending forever and a day learning and improving my handstyle to create “Kill For Love”. From here, I moved on to play with a new geometric style; after creating “Pyramids” as an experiment, I pushed on to create the “Meta” series, then amped it up a little for “Crimewave”. To finish up, I bounced a .psd back and forth with Mike Harrison a few times to create “Burial”.

    Anyway, here they are, presented in the order I made them in;

  • “KIll for Love”
  • “Pyramids”
  • “Meta I”
  • “Meta II”
  • “Meta III”
  • “Crimewave”
  • “Burial” with Mike Harrison

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