Gilang Andrian’s Portfolio

13 Nov

Magical Land

  • Magical Land
    by : Gilang Andrian
  •  Walking in the Forest, Adobe Photoshop CS 5, 10-12hrs
  •  King Dog, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 6 hrs
  •  Ohime, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 6-8 hrs
  •  Camera-Bot, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 8hrs

    Countryside –

    •  Outline on Photoshop
    •  Apply the basic color.
    •  Quickly change the color tone / mood using the adjustment layer, render the outline to make it looks thinner.
    •  More rendering, and adding more stuff.


    Robot , Robots, and Robots

      by : Gilang Andrian
    • Robot and robot, and robots. 

      Starring : 
      – Soldiers
      – Vehicles
      – Armored Suit Soldiers
      – Robots
      *inspired by Ashley Wood and others.
    •  A-23 Hercules, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 8 – 10 hrs
    • Shoot’em All, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 4 hrs
    •  Invasion, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 8 hrs
    •  Convoy, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 10 hrs

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