adNAU’s Portfolio

13 Nov

Promised Land

  • In this narrative photo series set in a post apocalyptic world, a young boy encounters a foreign tribe of kids. The ten images were commissioned by ‘Kid’s Wear’ magazine and mark the first collaboration of adNAU’s Tino Schaedler with photographer Achim Lippoth. Tino designed vehicles and sets which were combined with CG landscapes and photography by Hamburg based post production house The Scope.


KIA More Soul

  • KIA More Soul
    Production Design
  • Debuting during the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards, the wildly popular hamsters from previous Kia commercials, return to introduce the significantly refreshed 2012 Kia Soul. The new spot features two sets of robot armies engaging in a fantastic dance battle to LFMAO’s ubiquitous club smash “Party Rock Anthem”. Directed by Mark Romanek, Tino Schaedler of adNAU served as Production Designer, also handling digital set design with Method Studios LA realizing the extensive visual effects.

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