Leo Caillard’s Portfolio

11 Nov


  • This recent work is a reflection on the problem of our new digital world.Currently, at any stage of its creation, any idea or concept is digitally adapted.What will be retained in the future? What will happen to all of these billions of megabytes we stock on computers? In 10 years? In 500 years? Colliding the esthetic of modern minimalist Apple products with the classical architecture of the Louvre Museum, the viewer is forced to assess the question of new creation in our modern society.


Street Stone

  • Street Stone
  • – Photography  & Idea Conception : Léo Caillard -www.leocaillard.com-

    – Art Direction & Style : Raphael Federici

    – Retouching: Alexis Persani


War Game



Miami Houses

  • Miami Houses
    – South beach review @ 6 am –

  • Referencing the work ofthe Becher, of the Düsseldorf school of visual art of the 70s.
    Through repetition of a strict formal composition, the initial understanding of the function of the subject gradually fades as an analysis of the form of the subject. The repetition creates an inevitable comparison between images, thus informing the viewer as to the multiplicity of differences…



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