Peter Donnelly’s Portfolio

9 Nov
  • Hotrumcow
    A History of British Cider.
  • This is a series of illustrations commissioned for UK magazine Hotrumcow.
    Hotrumcow is a quarterly magazine for people who are fascinated by great beers, wines & spirits – and the extraordinary stories behind them.
    I was asked to illustrate the magazine cover and the feature article ‘A History of British Cider’.
    The brief was wide open, giving me creative freedom to work in a style I was happy with.

    I loved the medieval angle of the story and wanted to reflect that in my illustrations.
    Design-wise, I wanted to capture something that resembled an old tapestry.
  • ‘Wassailing’ A rite which takes place every January on the Twelfth Night. Trees are sung to, music is played, pans are banged and cider is poured.
  • Welsh dragon tamer and patron saint of apple trees…Saint Teilo.
  • 13th century and the flourishing of British cider-making.
  • In the 14th century, babies were reportedly baptised with cider!
  • The Cider process.
  • Selected for the Poddle publication…’Small Lives’.
    ‘Small Lives’ is a hand made limited run book using screen-printing and book-binding crafts.
  • Homestead



Tudor House

  • Tudor House


  • Homeless

  • This piece was featured on ‘Drawn’ June 2012 and exhibited at Koh Creative’s 3rd anniversary event.
  • Homeless



  • Early in the morning


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