Maria Corte Maidagan’s Portfolio

2 Nov

Press & Magazines 2012

  • Illustrations from December 2011 to October 2012 for the following clients:

    New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Corriere della Sera, Deloitte, BBC Classics Magazine, The Tablet, The Deal Magazine, Major Baseball League, Connecticut Magazine, Il sole 24 ore.

  • BBC Classics Magazine. “The secret world of the repétiteur”
    December 2011. Digital media
  • Wall Street Journal. “The Market’s New Motto- Made in USA”
    April 28. Digital media
  • New York Times. “When the family’s foodies visit NY”
    January 2012. Digital media
  • The New York Times. “Dining cover issue”
    September 5. Digital media
  • Corriere della Sera / Casa Amica. “Mapa distretti”
    May 2012. Digital media

  • Corriere della sera. “Casa Amica”
    June 2012. Digital media
  • Connecticut Magazine. “Reader’s choice”
    December 2011. Digital media

  • Il sole 24 ore. “Unhappy hour”
    October 2012. Digital media
  • Major  League Baseball (MLB). “Pullquote 1”
    September 2012. Digital media
  • Major League Baseball (MLB). “Pullquote 2”
    September 2012. Digital media
  • The deal magazine. “Herbert Hirsh”
    February 2012. Digital media
  • The Tablet UK.
    March 5th. Digital media
  • The Tablet UK. “Polling day blues”
    April 14. Digital media
  • Non published illustration for the “The Tablet”
    “Polling day blues”
    April 15. Digital media



  • Minimúsica
    cd artwork & activity book for kids

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