Kir Khachaturov’s Portfolio

2 Nov

Roaming from a Megaphone


  • Illustration
    made during 2011 for various clients




  • New Media Gods
    Do not pray to these gods, they catch their followers.
  • Compoco — ruler of the minds and therefore very dangerous, and armed, short-sighted and collects rumors. She could bring untold riches, but because of she centuries-old remains infantile baby, then more than anything else loves to inflate bubbles insignificant sensations and bathe in the glow of dubious fame.
  • Lachico — every day he eats five quintals of bio yogurt, dandruff shampoo and new models automobile tires. He could become president, but the joy of popcorn was stronger jokes white carp. Therefore,
    the greatest joy he brings the cooking chops of the amorphous desires.
  • Tomjuto — know about you all and can juggle flaming eruptions happy thoughts. He is so powerful,
    that turns to stone banana peel on which he walks like over the coals – crazy yogi.
  • Bocuto — rapidly cleaving the waves of fear in the minds of the people he’s just doing his job.
    He’s reliable, like a drowning swimmer. With one blow of his beak, he could crumble sun.
    But he doesn’t do this because fabulously lazy and prefers to eat newborn clouds.




  • Musical Legends
    Character for the calendar Music Store
  • I hope all are recognizable without a signature



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