Dennis Mundt’s Portfolio

29 Oct

I´m your father!

  • I´m your father!
    Mikro Club Artwork
  • Full Artwork
  • Details
  • Flyer Variant Version
  • Flyer Flip Side
  • left my towel in the future….
    Mikro Club Artwork
  • “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour…
    you’re gonna see some serious shit.” doc brown

  • complete artwork
  • flyer front
  • flyer flip side
  • details zoomed in
  • details 2 zoomed in
  • details 3 zoomed in


  • Don´t hitchhike in my galaxy…
    Mikro Club Artwork


  • ascensio
    key-artwork for digim
  • digim – a media production company asked me to do several artworks for them.
    This is the first out of 4 pieces which cover parts of their operation areas.
  •  Full piece
  • Widescreen Version
  • Variant
  • Variant CloseUp

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