Sudhir Kuduchkar’s Portfolio

13 Oct
  • CROW 2009
    Calendar Design
  • Use of just two colors, black and white is deliberate in the calendar. It is done so to maintain the originality of the form (the crow) that has been used. Though color black symbolize darkness and sadness, the bird crow signifies intelligence and is meant to be a good omen in Hindu culture. Such contrast in maxims encouraged me to portray crow as my main form. Coming to the treatment, Typography is the best option when one aims to use negative as well as positive space, effectively. Hence, the outcome of intermingling crow with typography is the artistic creation in front of you.



back to the basics

  • The prime motto of this calendar, focusing on the terracotta jewelry design, is a salute to the exemplary skills of the jewelry designer, Purvi. To maintain the originality of her creations, the actual jewelry pieces have been re-drawn. The color group has been kept tertiary, on purpose, to maintain the sync with the original creation. And to further augment the elegance of the creation, the calendar has been screen printed on cream colored paper. For the treatment, typography is a deliberate choice as it is very contemporary form of graphic designing and perfectly complements the artist’s jewelry creations. Hence, the calendar is an attempt to feature ‘the earthly context’ of every artistic impression.

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