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Pedro Rolo’s Portfolio

29 Oct

character design

  • the cock, the dog and the kids
    in: “fail collections”




    • pedro rolo 2012

Dennis Mundt’s Portfolio

29 Oct

I´m your father!

  • I´m your father!
    Mikro Club Artwork
  • Full Artwork
  • Details
  • Flyer Variant Version
  • Flyer Flip Side
  • left my towel in the future….
    Mikro Club Artwork
  • “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour…
    you’re gonna see some serious shit.” doc brown

  • complete artwork
  • flyer front
  • flyer flip side
  • details zoomed in
  • details 2 zoomed in
  • details 3 zoomed in


  • Don´t hitchhike in my galaxy…
    Mikro Club Artwork


  • ascensio
    key-artwork for digim
  • digim – a media production company asked me to do several artworks for them.
    This is the first out of 4 pieces which cover parts of their operation areas.
  •  Full piece
  • Widescreen Version
  • Variant
  • Variant CloseUp

Kevin Roodhorst’s Portfolio

29 Oct

3rd Anniversary

  • 3rd Anniversary
    created by kevin roodhorst
  • I created this work for the 3rd anniversary of dutch science website History and Nature&Climat are my two favorite categories on the site so I thought it would be nice to show them in the 3.
  • details
  • before/after



  • Fruity
    created by kevin roodhorst
  • This is an experiment I did using Realflow in combination with Cinema 4D and Photoshop.


  • Angel

    created by kevin roodhorst
  • This angel statue belongs to my grandmother. She bought it back in the 50’s. All these years she had it in her garden. I really like this statue, especially how it got affected by the weather in the years. So I thought it would be nice to do something with it. Enjoy watching the project!
  • original images
  • step by step
  • On canvas 50x50cm




Alongkorn Sanguansook’s Portfolio

27 Oct

Some Old Work

  •  Participated in project called ” choose a cat draw a girl ”

  • Fan art of my favourite characters Kirenenko 04 and Putin 541 from short animated series
    ” Usavich ”
    Original Design By:
    • Lord Ganesh Bless You
      May Lord Ganesh Bless You.
    • May lord Ganesh Bless you!

    • Girly Invaders
      Those alien girls in armor suit!
    • One of those invaders who comes with red kitty suit! and an explosive power invaders with Bunny suit.

      Personal character design and illustrations project about the group of invaders who sneak into our amazing planet.

      Update : Added new invader!

jonathan ball’s Portfolio

27 Oct

family snaps

Rizon Parein’s Portfolio

27 Oct

Für Paté

  • Handdrawn bubble style letters transformed to a 3d piece.
    The piece I’ve made for a graffiti jam I’ve joined.
    It was my first graffiti since 1997.

Zorik Istomin’s Portfolio

27 Oct

Стикербук | Stickerbook

  • Стикербук.
    автор Zi
  • Стикербук – альбом своих стикеров.,

    Книга авторских наклеек из России для всех.

    Осенью 2012го выпустится от Пресни до каждого.