17 Sep

Toyota Prius-V USA campaign.

  • Toyota Prius-V USA campaign.

    The biggest campaign ever done by Serial Cut™ and The Mushroom Company, commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. for Toyota USA. 3 key visuals that indicate the features of the new Toyota Prius V: more versatility, efficiency and connectivity.

    Hi-Res Key Visuals: Serial Cut™

    Client: Toyota USA
    Photographer: Paloma Rincón
    Production: The Mushroom Company.

    Saatchi & Saatchi L.A.:
    Fabio Samoes
    Kirk Williams
    Zach Richter
    Eric Haugen
    Cindy Rowe
    Melissa Eccles
    Kristen Koeller
    Nicole Buckley
    Jill Savage
    Carl Deo
    Gloria Olegario

    Serial Cut™:
    Sergio del Puerto
    Paloma Rincón
    Jimmy Andersson
    Benjamin Simon
    Kristian Touborg

    The Mushroom Company:
    Luis Delgado
    Guillermina Trejo
    Page Stafford
    Susana Bilbao
    Daniel Gallar
    Manus Álvarez
    Reyes Martínez
    Leticia Martínez
    Álvaro Soto
    Rebeca Lombardo.


    Reves Digital
    Eclipse Bcn
    Making of
    Recorded by: Kristian Touborg
    Edited by: Benjamin Simon
    Music by: Peter Albertz

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