Rik Oostenbroek’s Portfolio

17 Sep

Freestyle Abstract

  • 2008, a personal to give myself a fresh art start in 2008
  • Aria Epica, a personal abstract piece I did.
    This was the cover of Computer Arts Magazine in March as well
  • Visual Playground.
    The piece that shows the positive side of life, been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine as well

    Words blended with abstract shapes
  • Typography started to grow on me the past 2 years so I decided to mess around with typography and my usual shapes forms and colors, this is the result.
  • Thank you for watching!


    • AS THE RUSH COMES”Traveling somewhere, could be anywhere”
      Personal approach on one of my favorite songs ever, Motorcycle – As the rush comes.
      A song that always inspired me to keep on creating for years right now.
      All pieces are made in photoshop
    •  As the rush comes 2, a brighter and more photorealistic approach of the same concept.A piece that I didn’t find good enough for my personal portfolio, but thought to release it here anyways.

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