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stan steiner’s Portfolio

27 Sep


  • This is my title
    Some type of sub-title

Carlos de la Rua’s Portfolio

27 Sep

“China Rural” – Details.

  • China Rural
  • Shagouzhen, China. 5 hours bus trip from Shanghai.

    Details of the Rural China.

KEVIN STORM’s Portfolio

27 Sep

Poorly Painted Portraits

  • Poorly Painted Portraits

    A surrealistic approach on thankfulness
  • A series of personal and “Rock ‘n’ Roll portraits.

    Everyone has several sides. aspects of one’s character that someties seem to conflict. It’s these little inner conflicts that make someone specal and I love trapping them on paper.
    After a few drinks with the “subject” and a good conversation, we decide upon a theme and the photo’s are taken that evening at the spot. The artwork is rugged, sketchy and suggestive. Details are left out, the art is a reflection of the conversation and/ or the person and my token of grattitude.

Gediminas Pranckevicius’s Portfolio

27 Sep


Emilia Dziubak’s Portfolio

27 Sep

Hapless Eco-bummer

  • Hapless Eco-bummer
    children’s book
  • My illustrations to new children’s book.

    Eco-bummer is the hero of the book “Hapless Eco-bummer” . He drives around in a big truck, throws away old furniture and broken appliances in a nearby forest, doesn’t worry about conserving energy and water at home, does mindless shopping and allows excess of food to spoil in the fridge.

    The story is written in a humorous way and encourages adults to laugh at themselves together with their kids.

    Text: Eliza Saroma-Stępniewska, Iwona Wierzba,
    The Albus publishing house, Poznań, Poland 2012

na zhao’s Portfolio

27 Sep

恬静 Calm 90x120cm acrylic on canvas 2012

  • 恬静    calm    90x120cm  acrlic on canvas   2012

Terrible Twins’s Portfolio

27 Sep


  • Nine Circles of Heaven is an exploration of Sin as a concept perpetuated by western Catholic society and aims to question the authority of such doctrines when
    describing concepts like virtue and sin, good and bad.
    Dante’s “Inferno” (part one of his epic “Divine Comedy”) describes nine circles of suffering located within the Earth representing the various levels of Sin from
    purgatory down to treachery. Using this lasting image of Hell as a basis for the project we are questioning our perceptions of Sin by transposing Hell into a kind
    of Heaven. The images use staging, costumes and props to create characters which represent the nine levels of Hell not as sinful but as virtuous.