Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace’s Portfolio

31 Aug

Love Land Invaders

  • Love Land Invaders
    by Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace
  • About the “Love Land Invaders”

    Japans stunningly decorated love hotel rooms are the impact zone of the “Love Land Invaders”. They conquer these quirky and marvelous rooms with their playful visual lust. They strike iconic poses and seem to own a vast collection of unique fashion objects. It appears as if you´re observing some intimate moments of energetic superheroes.

    In order to find the perfect locations to unleash such concentrated passion Lagoi & Lace headed out for the most extraordinary love hotel rooms they could find in Osaka and the Kansai area.

    The “Love Land Invaders” collection, which they designed and constructed beforehand, consists of masks, glasses, shields, armory, jewelry, customized clothes and ribbons, which are reaching out like demanding tentacles. After putting on these pieces both artists transformed into “Miss Takehito Quadruple”, “Mister Hyde Dobuita Speerträger”, “Mr. Seiuchi Sivuch”, “Shika Shika Chan” and “Miss Ayanami Oenshi”. Each of these characters represents a certain aspect of beauty (the beauty of dark elegance, the beauty of a gentleman, the beauty of play, the beauty of wilderness, the beauty of pink).

    The “Love Land Invaders” express an idea Lagoi & Lace call luxurious pop. In this project luxury can be found in the aesthetic quality of the design, for example by using glossy materials, sculptural shapes and vibrant colors. Luxury can also mean giving oneself the freedom to explore your desires and fantasies and creating fitting worlds. For Lagoi & Lace pop describes the idea of bringing diverse inspirational sources into a fresh mix to create emotionally and visually strong images. The idea of luxurious pop was their guiding light while creating the “Love Land Invaders”.


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