Sean DuFrene’s Portfolio

23 Aug

SUBSERVIENT: Matias Thread & Denim F/W 2012

  • SUBSERVIENT:  Matias Thread & Denim F/W 2012
    This is a commissioned project I created for designer Matias Sandoval.  
  • While traipsing through their estate, John Leroy Burlywhacker notices Rebel Rouser Brian Brianna napping in his drain. Mrs. Burlywhacker sees a cure to her boredom.
  • Brian Brianna stumbles upon John Leroy Burlywhacker making a sexy attempt on Mrs. Burlywhacker.
  • Mrs. Burlywhacker decides to practice her backstroke after her morning Valium.
  • After hearing all the Occupy gossip, Mrs. Burlywhacker decides to investigate the inside of Rebel Rouser Brian Brianna’s tent.
  • Brian Brianna debates on going back for more.
  • John Leroy Burlywhacker gives Brian Brianna a lip lashing after hearing about the indecent incident.
  • Mrs. Burlywhacker delightes as her dinner approaches.
  • John Leroy Burlywhacker has a budding career modeling for missing persons posters.
  • John Leroy Burlywhacker
  • Mrs. Burlywhacker
  • Rebel Rouser Brian Brianna

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