Platige Image’s Portfolio

4 Jul

Move Your Imagination

  • Move Your Imagination Polish Tourism Organization
  • A white cube that fits in the palm of your hand as a symbol of Poland; friendly creatures smiling at passers-by on the streets of Berlin; 3D technology and a spectacular film screening — modern, intriguing ideas.
    Director, Creative Director: Tomek Bagiński Executive Producer, Creative Director: Marcin Kobylecki Art Director: Jakub Jabłoński Executive Producer: Krzysztof  Noworyta Production Manager: Marta Staniszewska Production Manager: Marek Jankowski Lead 2D Artist: Michał Misiński (Juice)
  • Idea
  • The author and creator of this original and appealing visual cocktail is Jakub Jabłoński, who fully designed the campaign’s visual side and created the original creatures.The absence of clear and modern national symbols inspired Jabłoński to create something fresh, modern, stylish, and above all else, catchy. The result was a combination of simple ethnic motifs and the slick design used in toys all over the world.
  • Brand heroes
  • Five friendly, intriguingly shaped and brightly colored creatures were the characters behind the success of our ad campaign at ITB 2011.Their identity remained a mystery: they might have been weird visitors from outer space, or perhaps a bold experiment by a Polish artist in some design factory.Each of the creatures was marked with a single letter, together spelling out the word POLEN.
  • Poster design
  • Campaign
  • Visual aspects were of the utmost importance, depicting Poland as a modern country whose inhabitants have a sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously. The campaign was a combination of different elements: modern design and traditional Polish motifs mixed with animation, illustrating Poland’s eagerness to turn to unconventional promotional and artistic solutions.
  • Live event
  • The key element of the campaign in Berlin was the ITB opening ceremony, attended by over 4,500 representatives of the tourism industry from around the world. The main event of the gala was a 3D multimedia presentation showcasing Poland’s tourist attractions: the nature, culture, and polish host cities of the UEFA Euro 2012.

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