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9 Jun

Hallenkunst in Chemnitz

  • Hallenkunst 2011 in Chemnitz
  • We’ve been invited to participate at the Hallenkunst Exhibition in Chemnitz alongside the likes of Kakao77, Sat One, Herakut, Mad C, Jukebox Cowboys, Warz, ECB, Doppeldenk, Caparso and many more! One month earlier we already had a journey to Chemnitz to paint a huge mural in the City. Especially for that venue we decided to paint four very huge canvases with the measurements of 2,4 x 1,4m each. If you’re interested in purchasing these, don’t hesitate to contact us! We had a wonderful time on our two trips to Saxony! Massive thanks to Rene, Katja and whole Burning Saxony, Guido and his Crew and all the others!
  • We had the honour to design the official Shirt for the Hallenkunst-Event in Chemnitz. Now you can get it in our shop! For only 14€!
  • Preperations before
  • Attila Szamosi “99″
  • <
  • Lars Wunderlich “The end of cute”
  • <
  • <
  • Attila Szamosi “Joyride”
  • <
  • Lars Wunderlich “The end of growth”
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