Frank Skullboy’s Portfolio

4 Jun

Bakers Biscuits

  • Bakers “Precious Biscuits” TV Spot
  • Another project collaboration between BlackGinger and Shy the Sun. Was a great amount of work, but fun from start to finish. My tasks on this job included: Modeling of base mesh characters for Previz animation, final Modeling and Texturing of multiple characters, final modeling and texturing of props, specifically the Owl and Cat’s flying boat, and environments, specifically the Teapot House.
Clover TV Spot “Way Better”
Working at BlackGinger together with Shy the Sun, we created a cinematic ad for Clover. It was a great combination of beautiful concepts and hard work from the CG and VFX departments. I worked on the Modeling of Environments, props, pipes and fancy gadgets, Shader assignments, and the Texturing of Frost. My main duties on this job, I put together the Modeling of the Milk Dispenser that fills up the Tubby Boats and I put together the Milk World with the Main Pipe and the Cooling and Heating towers.

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