Saddo’s Portfolio

24 May


  • Life is a Casino or The Four Ages
  • Series of four canvases made for the “LIFE IS A CASINO” show at MOHS Exhibit Gallery in Copenhagen They can also be seen in the 43rd Deptchore Collective Chapter, “TIME”.
    The pieces are inspired by the four symbols on the playing cards: clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. Each of them has a meaning, and also a correspondent in the Four Seasons.
    The King of Clubs, stands for Spring, beginning of life, the freshness of youth and nature, inspiration and creativity.

    The King of Hearts, stands for Summer, a most intense age dominated by the power of love, passion and emotion.
    The King of Diamonds, stands for Fall, the values of earth, an age when people start seeking for material possessions, wealth and riches. It also stands for the rise of cities and civilization, and the degradation of nature.
    The King of Spades, stands for Winter, the wisdom and determination of old age, loss of illusions.
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