Laura Guarie’s Portfolio

19 May

Interview featured on IdN Creative City: Buenos Aires

  • IdN v18n6: Humorous Design — Design in Contempt Creative City: Buenos Aires       Where the boom is on the other foot    Known for being the birthplace of tango music and some of the  most talented footballers on the planet, Buenos Aires is fast emerging  from the slump caused by the countrys economic crisis of less than a  decade ago and is now attracting artists from Europe and the US,  presently mired in their own financial depressions. Long admired as one  of the most advanced cities in South America, with its marked European  cultural heritage, the country’s capital, which is where 90 percent of  Argentinian designers are based, is undergoing a creative revival. But  can it survive the fierce competition that is arising – both locally and from the spread of globalisation? We ask 10 top Buenos Aires-based  designers for their views on the contemporary scene there.     Featuring:       Alejandra Roman | DHNN | Francisco Andriani | Gaby Hebstein |  Jonathan Gurvit | Laura Guarie | Mariano Sidoni & Carne Hueso |  Minga | Patricio Murphy | Pogo

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