Echo Chernik’s Portfolio

14 May
Wine Label and Poster
Client undisclosed until release.
  • I get calls for wine labels all the time, but vineyards almost never have a budget that can afford the amount of work I put into a piece. This is the most recent exception.

    The vineyard wanted a one of a kind fine art Giclee to hang at the estate, and a poster that can be branded and sold, and a wine label for their upcoming vintage year. (when I have photos of the final products, I will post them here)
  • (Almost finished with color tweaks – but it 99% there.)
Pie Cthulhu and Cupcake Cthulhu Art Nouveau Inspired Horror (from a Woman’s Perspective)
  • Here’s the true story of what happened: I was working in my studio one day in March and I got the Blue Screen of Death. So while my hard drive rebuilt, I laid down on my studio sofa and took a nap. In my dream, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the image of Cthulhu driving this poor corseted damsel with temptation of pie. Being a woman – that particular torture is very close to me. When I awoke the image hadn’t left and I was compelled to sketch it out… thinking that it would turn out like crap and I could put it aside – but it didn’t. It was beautiful. So then I sat down to do a color study, thinking that the sickly-otherworldy-green would ruin the piece – but it didn’t. Two weeks later she was does – and I hadn’t worked on any other projects at all – including the client piece I had been working on when my computer crashed originally. She was a standalone for a long time, until I kept getting requests for others like her. Cupcake came along in 2011.

    You see – it’s not about the sexual enticement at all (except of the viewer) – it’s about the specific horror women feel about the terrible balance between the pleasures gained from beauty and from dessert.

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