Gustavo Santome’s Portfolio

13 May

Mini tour at Metrogames  ( old office )

  • where we have to go? Where is MetroGames?
  • Joining the team – with my rainforest, Biotronic,Tortoon, Plock ,Pixel Ranger and other.
  • Not everyone is nice …
  • Love is born between Mary and Mr. Air?
    Typing Mr is sad and far away looking at his secret love Mary.
  • The journey begins after the subway and combination with 71.
  • Forever alone?
  • Chinchulina started a bad mood.
  • But She forgot.
  • Mary and the card
  • All ok!
  • Mr Biotronic, the all-seeing eye was greeted with a warm welcome.
  • >
    Where I come from?
  • Hmmmm..
  • The minis take over the desktop.
    “This tablet is mine!”
  • Mr air is feeling sick
  • Knowing the neighbors
  • Mr. Air concerned with this team.
  • Meantime playing mini football.
  • To Chinchulina doesn´t like to losing at anything.
  • Mary use Play, Chichulina prefer Xbox but Bio has the control.
  • Good bye Metrogames !
  • Different times has comes, but that is another story.

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