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6 May

Red Bull Music Academy — Global Project

  • Red Bull Music Academy — Porto Hub Fev/2011
  • The Redbull Music Academy (RBMA) represents the strength of the culture of original music and returned in 2011 to Porto, after in 2009 and 2010 have been at Lx Factory in Lisbon.
    Develop the image and communication for the entire RBMA Porto Hub event, exploring the tailor-made natural principle in all the identified communication actions. “O Conspirador” – The Conspirator – compiles all the information of the event, introducing further information and pictures of the city
    The concept
    The starting point was a universe of ownership and traditional elements present in the industrial culture of downtown, contextualized in the use of two themes: Typographic and Fabric Warehouse. On this basis we shape (literally) the image and creative principle of the whole event re-inventing a contemporary language based on a traditional approach.
    The process
    We explored the fabrics not only as sub­ject but as part of physical and usable objects, twisting and writing elements and materials in the pieces of com­mu­ni­cation, as laces, fabrics and screen print­ing.
    The re-interpretation of these el­e­ments reinforced the creative character of the factors taken into disuse and out­dated.
  • ID Motion based

    The main type chosen for the project Porto Hub is Ba­zaar from designer Ol­in­da Mar­tins. The type is inspired in a col­lec­tion of com­mer­cial sig­nage, marked by strong in­dus­trial com­ponent of down­town (Rua Faria Gui­ma­rães, Rua das Flores,Rua do Al­ma­da, Na­soni Steet. We choose this font and then re­in­vent­ed it based in dy­nam­ic and fluid com­po­si­tions.
  • Photography

    The photographic work of Moni Haworth (Uk) – a photographer with a unique work, urban, and spontaneous. The photos are everyday situations apparently without production in a performance, puzzling or strange exhibit that naturally supports the message and results in an intentional random and spontaneous inspiring shots.
  • All Pieces

    Fabric Mupi E-cards Book Flyers “O Conspirador” journal Art Catalogue ID Booklet Press kit Signage Design
  • Custom-made Mupi

    made with fabric
  • Type: Bazar – Olinda Martins
  • Photography: Moni Haworth

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