Jacques Pense’s Portfolio

6 May
Nike “Catch the Flash”
  • In Fall 2011 Nike launched the Vapor Flash Jacket in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A running jacket that is unique, because it fully reflects. Every runner wearing it is safer, since the Nike Vapor Flash Jacket makes him visible in the dark. Our idea:“Catch the Flash” – the first chase that makes the invisible visible. On the dark streets of Vienna and at the same time online. Starting: 50 Nike Runners wearing Vapor Flash Jackets. The Flashrunners. The whole of Vienna was chasing them in the streets. Because those flashing most of the Flashrunners with their cameras and thereby revealing their jacket numbers won a 10,000 euro platinum bar. Simultaneously, the rest of the world took part on our microsite. Since all 50 Flashrunners transferred their GPS data to the “Catch the Flash Online Game” in real time by using an app.
  • The Idea.
  • The Microsite. The homepage before the start.
  • The Store. Nike Vienna became the hub for the Vienna Chase.
  • The Countdown. Just before the start.
  • The App. A purpose-built app transferred the Flashrunners’ GPS-Data into the online game.
  • The Online Game. The users navigated their runner through the virtual Vienna.
  • The Vienna Chase. Runners in Vienna flashed the Flashrunners and secured these pictures as trophies.
  • The Online Chase. Online gamers had to catch the Flashrunners virtually to secure the pictures as trophies.
  • The Flashrunners. 50 Nike chosen athletes and celebrities.
  • The Online Ranking. At the same time as the real chase in Vienna, the Online Game was finished.
  • The Vienna Finale. The Flashrunners and their chasers celebrated the winners at Nike Vienna.
  • The Ranking. Immediately after the chase, the results of both chases were posted to the Nike Running Facebooksite.
  • The Winners. A chasing team won the 10.000 Euro platinum bar.
  • CREDITS Client: Nike Gesellschaft mbH, Austria
  •  Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
  • Creative Directors: Kai Heuser, Joerg Jahn, Jacques Pense
  •  Art Director: Matías Müller
  • Copywriters: Gün Aydemir, Matthias Hess, Christoph Moll
  • Graphic Artists: C. Kock, A. Petruch, C. Mackamul, R. Noel, B. Noll, A. Jeutter
  •  Account Manager: Manuel Colloseus, Björn Hansen, Denise
  • Winter Director: Cem Kaya Sound
  • Design & Music: HearDis!
  • Technical Director: Nils Doehring Programmer: Simon Schmid, Philipp Timmalog, Richard Pietsch, Darius Morawiec
  •  Information Architecture: A. Conradt, V. Dapprich, R. Rockmann, S. Heidfeld Producer: Anja Geib, Simone Abel
  • Art Buyer: Bianca Winter
  • Photographer: Mat Neidhart
  • Motion Design: Aslan Malik
  • Post Production: Recom GmbH & Co. KG Media: Mindshare GmbH & Co. KG (Austria) Published: 2011
    AWARDS Creativ Club Austria – 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 1 x Bronze

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