ROSA DE JONG’s Portfolio

5 May
  • Originally made to be a lawyers website, this project never made it trough. The book needs to be seen as a creative form of the book of law. Cut out by hand, no tricks, the illustrations tell you what the lawyer stands for. The left side of the book is the illustration made to fit by the menu item, the right side is where the content should be, and all the way to the right is the menu itself. These last two photo’s (and the first one) show you how they where supposed to appear on the final website. – The photo’s where made by photographer Arnoud Kor. As the project never made it, it’s still for sale. With some adjustments, it could make someone really happy.
  • .
    • The MadeYou Think project consisted of a magazine and exposition featuring work of 63 creatives. The aim ofthe project was to challenge people within the creative industry to make creative work without abrief, client or pressing deadline, eliminating any excuse to make less thanbrilliant work. Each participating artist bought a page, making him co-ownerof the magazine. Since the artists own their own page, their work remained un-edited andstraight from the heart.  The creative freedom resulted in very diverse artwork. At the opening of the exhibition each artist got a box of magazines to distributewithin their network. Submitted artwork was evaluated by a jury consisting of Zwier Veldhoen, KimMannes-Abbott, José Pince van der Aa and Vincent Jobse. On them fell the challenging task of selecting only 20 pieces to beshown at the public exhibition in TrouwAmsterdam. The exhibition stayed on for another week, not only by day, but also open at club nights. An initiative of Clien Wintzen and Rosa de Jong. Sponsored by Ecodrukkers, Bagels & Beans and Junior Academy for Art Direction.
      Artwork as seen below in the magazine and exhibition belongs to; Martin Pyper, Allan Edens, Cliff Deun, ByRosa, and Studio Karoshi.

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