MRK’s Portfolio

5 May

Insect Traps

  • Insect Traps ‘Insect traps’ explores the digital nature of organic molecules and biological organisms. Virtual insects are injected in closed simulated environments where they fight for their lives against larger than life biomolecular structures.
    sound design by: posters: designed
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MRK Showreel 2010


One Response to “MRK’s Portfolio”

  1. lokichen88 May 5, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    Thankz you guys for visting my blog!I hope you guys enjoy the inspriation from my posted entry! I’m sign up wordpress just couple of days so there r many things I dont know to do,such as: make “related post”,”feature”….or sth like that!I’ll try later!Thankz 4 comments!

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