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5 May
Frutta. La materia più buona.
  • For the third consecutive year the Ministero Italiano delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali

    (Italian Minister for food, agricultural and forestal politics)
    promotes the european project Frutta Nelle Scuole(Fruit in Schools).

    Five thousand schools are involved in the project, 870.000 children between six and eleven, whose aim is the increase of fruit and vegetables consumption by children, for a more balanced diet.

    The communicative idea has been renowned for the 2012 edition, and we got charged from Young&Rubicam – Rome to develop and produce a commercial clip to explain the project with a simple yet fun language. Being faithful to our passion for dirty hands and shooting lots of pictures, we produced an apple, an orange, a strawberry, a carrot, a fennel and grapes with plasticine and their replica with polyurethane foam.

    Over a real child desk in the middle of the scene, several objects made with paper, cardboard, polystyrene, plasticine, cotton, wires, followed one another, building and dismantling every frame of the stop motion animation.
    The clip has a soundtrack made on purpose, in collaboration with MellowSong Studio
    and voice-over by Ilaria Stagni.
    This is the result:

  • Take a look at the complete photo diary at flickr/happycentro.

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